ARTGORA: Creative Industries for an Equal Baltic

Duration of the project: 2018 September – 2019 September

Aim of the project: To reduce discrimination and empower women in creative industries field in accordance to Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Objectives of the project:

1. Bringing together the stakeholders from the Baltic Sea and Eastern Partnership regions in order to share experience and promote mutual cooperation in solving common problems through art and culture.

2. Raising awareness of the role of culture in promoting gender equality and sharing various best practices on how to address this issue in the target regions.

3. Develop and generate innovative solutions and project ideas for potential regional cooperation.

The main activities of the project are:

1. Sharing best practice and ensuring it in creative industries that promote gender equality and reduce the gender gap.

2. Organizing the Regional Forum in Riga in 2019 April 10-12 by including partner countries interested in promoting ideas and values of gender equality through art and cultural work.

3. Increase public awareness through a variety of audio-visual means, including the digital series of Talk Real | Art Real show and online publications.

Project partners: the National Museums of World Culture (Sweden); Tartu University (Estonia), Riga Technical University (Latvia), Centre for Equality Advancement (Lithuania), Foundation Laboratory of Research and Social Action SocLab (Poland), Taso Foundation (Georgia), Poruch (Ukraine), and European Alternatives (Germany).

Project activities are supported by the Baltic Institute Baltic Sea Region Cooperation Program.

with the support of