BRIDGE: connecting local community members for effective gender based violence solutions

Project duration: September 2019 – August 2021

Project aim – to strengthen the response of local communities to gender based violence and to ensure an effective prevention system is in place.

Expected results:

1) Contextualized and tailored algorithm to adhere the needs and capacities of professionals of different sectors on local level developed;
2) Built capacities and improved knowledge of school communities (teachers, school administration and students);
3) Raised awareness of school and local communities and society in general.


Mapping the needs and capacities of different professionals in pilot municipalities to be active agents in multi-agency cooperation in the field of prevention of gender based violence (GBV);
In cooperation with different professionals creating an algorithm for GBV intervention in three pilot municipalities;
Capacity building for professionals on GBV and algorithm;
Round table for different professionals to discuss the algorithm;
Assess attitudes on gender stereotypes and GBV in local schools;
Capacity building for teachers and administration staff for pilot schools about GBV;
Building up a support system in school “Equality lab”;
Preparation of learning package “School free of gender stereotypes”;
Forum theater activities in schools;
Capacity building activities for students in schools;
Recommendations for the Ministry of Education;
Survey on attitudes regarding GBV in local communities in three municipalities;
Awareness raising campaigns for residents of municipalities;
Informational campaign for professionals in pilot municipalities;
Drafting, piloting and finalizing an awareness raising tool for pupils’ audiences for nation-wide use using an online educational platform “Inconvenient Film Class”.
Organizing educational and information events of Inconvenient films.
Organizing a national conference

Activities will be held in 3 pilot municipalities: city of Alytus, Jonava region and Ukmergė region. Best practice will be presented to other municipalities and decision makers.

Project partners: Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights and Nomoshiti.