Complex response to problems

Project goal: to introduce the innovative and complex measures for solving the problems of social exclusion by training and consulting the staff who directly work with the individuals and families at risk to poverty, unemployment and social exclusion.

Project duration: May 2009 – June 2011

Project activities in 2009:
- CEA contributed drafting the project proposal and correcting according to remarks and comments of the experts of the European Social Fund.
- CEA will prepare the programs and content for the cycles of the seminars for social workers, volunteers and personnel working with the individuals and families at risk
- CEA will organize and conduct cycles of professional trainings and competence building for the staff, volunteers and other personnel of social services providers from 5 municipalities
- CEA will contribute to the building the network of the social workers and social service providers to work more effectively with the individuals and family at risk.
Project coordination: UNDP-Lithuania
Project funding: European Social Fund