Cooperation for Good Governance

The aim of the project is to enhance good governance and women’s participation in rural communities of Moldova. Target group: young women from rural areas of Moldova working in Local Public Administration (young women mayors, council representatives, public servants). The focus on young women is related to low representation of women as candidates in both national and local elections, and to insignificant involvement of women in social, political and economic community life.







  • Training course for women mayors and other representatives of local governments on good governance and leadership in Moldova. Building on the training the participants will initiate institutional changes for good governance.
  • Publication “Arithmetic of Power.” Data about women and men’s participation in governing bodies in Moldova will be gathered and presented in tan electronic publication which will be used as an advocacy tool.
  • Good Governance Study Visit in Lithuania. The study visit will take 3-4 days. 6 representatives from Moldova will participate in it.


The project is funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

Partner of the project:  Center Partnership for Development from Romania.