Developing CCR to Stop GBW: Mainstreaming the Best US Practices in Lithuania

The objective of the project is to initiate the establishment of coordinated community response (CCR) in Lithuanian municipalities which will significantly contribute to safety of women from all forms of violence and increased responsiveness of a community.

The goals of the project are:
• to adapt the best US practice of CCR in Lithuanian context to stop GBV;
• to provide in-depth knowledge about GBV among professionals of key local institutions (e. g. social workers, child-rights protection officers, police, health-care professionals & prosecutors);
• to build capacity of professionals in municipalities to apply CCR principles in response to GBV;
• to strengthen networking among professional in local institutions to unite common efforts and effectively use resources for community safety.

The project target groups are law enforcement, prosecutors, professionals of different sectors (social workers, child rights protection officers, health care professionals), and civil society advocates.

This project anticipates a long-term impact on institutional work practices. Through the trainings, follow-up meetings & train-of-trainer workshops the CCR model adapted to the Lithuanian context will be launched. It will make an impact on institutional practices in response to GBV which will be cascaded to the professionals in other localities. In a long term perspective it will contribute to reduction of repetitiveness & scope of GBV which will have positive socio-economic impact on society.


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