Flexible work for family success and economic development (SUCCESS)

Project goal: to build the in-depth understanding and practical application of competences in implementation of reconciliation of family and work culture in working environment by involving employers and municipal administration in trainings and develop the model of services and consultations needed for the families to reconcile family obligations and employment needs.

Project duration: August 2009- August 2012

Project activities in 2009:
- CEA together with its partner drafted the project proposal and submitted to the European Social Fund
- to prepare necessary documentation for the start of the project implementation (harmonization of partnership agreements, agreements on project partners’ responsibilities, planning and coordination of the project activities, organize and complete procurement for the needs of the project)
- to organize 4 radio emissions at the beginning of the project in order to present the general idea on reconciliation of family and work, highlight the EU best practices and their practical benefits for the society in Lithuania
- to compose the programs and time tables for training and seminars with the employers and municipal administration
- to start selection process for the trainings and negotiate dates of the trainings. According to the project there will be trained 150 employers from 10 towns and 225 civil servants from 15 municipalities.

Project coordination: Kaunas Women’s Employment Information Centre
Project funding: European social fund