The Strategic Partnership aims at the harmonization, implementation and dissemination of European quality standards for Gender Equality trainings; for country specific different target groups like public institutions, trainers or EU-funding programme managers at national, regional and local level and in order to do so, it strives to establish a specific north-south axis on the topic of gender equality.

  1. To enhance the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of gender trainings in Europe, which are conducted in the frame of funding programmes on the national and regional level;
  2. To harmonise European quality standards in subject-specific gender equality trainings;
  3. To connect Gender know-how and subject-specific requirements of gender trainings on the regional and national level;
  4. To promote knowledge on gender trainings with the creation of a curriculum-portfolio “train-the-gendertrainer” including the European “Gender-Equality-Index”-tool (new edition 2015).