Integration of Non-EU nationals

The project is concentrated upon the activities, oriented to economical integration of Non-EU nationals. The target group of the project is a private sector (including business men, representatives of Trade-Union, Labor Exchange and Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education). Additional target group of the project: policy makers, NGO,the academic community and representatives of media.






  • Trainings/seminars to the representatives of the non-EU nationals’ integration in order to increase the intercultural competence;
  • Development of information and counseling platform;
  • Prepare the guide for the economic integration of non-EU nationals.

The project is implemented by three steps: the participants are informed and consulted; the information on the internet website is being renewed; and finally, guide for the economic integration of non-EU nationals is prepared.
The project is implemented together with the social partnership fund “Magnum bonum” 2013.