Unite Act Impact: Cooperation for Social Change

This project is a partnership between five NGOs from Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. It aims to increase the capacities of civil society organisations, working in the field of gender equality and non-discrimination, to achieve their objectives using creative means of social and cultural activism, and encourage cross-border cooperation.

There will be a 4-days-long forum for young activists coming from civil society organisations active in the field of gender equality in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania organised. The forum will focus on the use of culture as a mean of activism. It will allow 20 participants to network and learn from each other. They will be encouraged to develop strategies and action plans for future activities.

There will be also open events organised during the forum in Vilnius (social film screenings and a discussion), promoting and increasing support for development cooperation, raising awareness on the situation of developing countries with a special focus on the partner countries. The open events will focus on the state of civil society and gender equality.

Specific activities will be planned and implemented in the partner countries in September. They will take place in Chisinau, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Kyiv, and Minsk.

The project partners: Association “In Corpore” (LT), Insight (UA), GENDERDOC-M (MD), and (BY).