PARENT: Promotion, Awareness Raising and Engagement of men in Nurture Transformations

Duration of the project: 2019 February – 2021 February

Aim of the project: Promotion of change in social attitudes and behavior regarding gender roles in caregiving

Objectives of the project:
1. To promote gender-transformative and synchronized approaches by engaging men in co-responsible parenting and caregiving and promoting the equal share of unpaid care work in 4 European countries (Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Austria).
2. Contribute to the prevention of domestic and intra-family gender based violence.

The main activities:
1. To design a guide for health sector workers to help engage with men in health sector and promote active fatherhood, especially paying attention to male refugees and migrants.
2. Organize group education activities for fathers and their partners, including refugees and migrants in order to promote questioning of traditional concepts on gender roles.
3. To mobilize the community and implement national campaigns with the goal to raise the awareness of the importance of men’s involvement in non-violence, caregiving, parental and maternal health, displaying the diversity of masculinities.

Project partners: Centre for Social Studies (Portugal); Institute for Masculinity Research and Gender Studies (Austria); Cerchio degli Uomini (Italy); The Nursing School of Coimbra (Portugal).