Duration: 3rd April 2017 – 2nd October 2019

Objectives: to develop targeted information & implement practical empowerment actions, education activities and awareness-raising to increase understanding of different forms of VAW & stop blaming VAW victims & ultimately contribute to promoting zero tolerance to VAW & strengthening gender equality. By using the framework of the “theory of change” the project will aim at finding practical solutions for complex social issues.

Goals of the project:
• Empowering VAW victims & women at risk through development of key messages and most effective communication tools to increase women’s abilities to recognise VAW and trigger motivation to reach out for help.
• Building capacity of professionals through training and development of practical information to ensure sensitive support for victims of VAW and input to VAW prevention.
• Raising awareness of the general public through informing society about various forms of VAW & challenging victim-blaming attitudes within society.

Target groups:
• Victims of domestic violence and women at risk to domestic violence;
• Health care professionals (primary health care level doctors and gynecologists);
• Social workers;
• Child rights protection officers;
• Journalists.

Project partners: Human Rights Monitoring Institute, Centre for Equality Advancement, social advertising agency Nomoshiti and Lithuanian Medical Association (associated partner).

Co-funded by Project is partially funded by European Union, Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme and by Global Fund for Women (programme “Voices Against violence GBC Global Initiative: Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Central and Eastern Europe”)

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