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At the intersection of gender & disability: to talk, inspire & act

Project duration: 3rd November, 2020 – 2nd July, 2023

An analysis of the situation of people affected by disability shows that women and girls face double discrimination: they are more vulnerable due both to their disability and gender. They are more likely to experience gender-based violence, discrimination in education, employment, social policy, civic participation, decision-making, sexuality, prejudice, social representation, motherhood, family, and other areas. However, a relatively large proportion of women affected by disability show little recognition of discrimination on the grounds of both disability and gender, and do not reflect on the vulnerabilities that arise in their intersection. Most of them vote in elections, but participation in other areas of political and public life is low. This shows the segregation of women with disabilities and encourages the search for ways to reduce it.

Project aim: To empower women affected by disability to defend their rights by strengthening their capacity, to build links between women and disability civil society organizations and change public discourse.

Project activities:

– working with women affected by disability in regions – actualization of problems, mobilization, development and empowerment of initiative groups, which in turn educate the wider community and take specific advocacy actions at the local level;

– raising the competencies of the civil society organization sector in order to strengthen their motivation to represent specific issues arising from the intersection of disability and gender, to promote mutual cooperation;

– forming discourse, changing public attitudes, reducing stigmas and prejudices associated with women with disability, organizing an awareness-raising campaign – preparing articles, radio programs, podcasts, visual material and developing and disseminating an women-with-disability-adapted information package on women’s rights and domestic violence.

Project objectives:

– strengthen the capacity of women affected by disability to represent their needs;

– improve the quality of services provided by civil society organizations;

– promote cooperation between civil society organizations working with women and people with disabilities;

– highlight in public discourse the problems faced by women affected by disability and change public attitudes towards this group.


Partners: Tauragė Women’s Employment and Information Center, Lithuania agency “SOS children” Panevezys branch

The project is funded by EEA financial mechanism ( and Active citizens fund (


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