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Equality for Security, Phase II

Project duration: August 2021 – February 2022 Project aim is to facilitate the development, approval and launch of new regional action plans 1325 on women and peace and security in Ukraine for 2021-2025, as well as to advocate for their adequate funding. Project objectives: 1) Foster establishment of regional coalitions on 1325 in Chernivtsy and Kharkiv oblasts and strengthen existing coalitions in Khmelnytsky and Luhansk oblasts. 2) Build capacity of the parties to regional coalitions – local governments, women’s NGOs, media. 3) Promote the development/review of regional...

ECaRoM: Early Care and the Role of Men

Project duration: 2021 February – 2023 February Project aim: ECaRoM focuses on overcoming gender stereotypes and strengthening caring masculinities in early age. Project activities: 1. Research on the current status of gender sensitive education and caring masculinities in early education including interviews and focus groups with staff from Kindergartens, primary schools and experts. 2. Development of gender sensitive material focusing on caring masculinities and gender sensitive education and self-reflection. 3. Capacity building trainings for pedagogical staff working in early education...

At the intersection of gender & disability: to talk, inspire & act

Project duration: 3rd November, 2020 – 2nd July, 2023 An analysis of the situation of people affected by disability shows that women and girls face double discrimination: they are more vulnerable due both to their disability and gender. They are more likely to experience gender-based violence, discrimination in education, employment, social policy, civic participation, decision-making, sexuality, prejudice, social representation, motherhood, family, and other areas. However, a relatively large proportion of women affected by disability show little recognition of discrimination on the grounds of...

Everybody's Talking: Work-Life Balance Goes Mainstream

Duration: 18th May 2020 – 17th May 2022 Since 2011, gender pay gap in Lithuania has been increasing consistently. One of the main reasons for that is the imbalance of time devoted to childcare between both parents. Once the decision to start a family is made, gender norms and the design of childcare policies pressure women into making career breaks, which have a negative impact on women’s economic independence and their capacity to participate in social life. All of this has long-term consequences for a woman’s career and her general well-being, but shared responsibilities of raising a child...

BRIDGE: connecting local community members for effective gender based violence solutions

Project duration: September 2019 – August 2021 Project aim – to strengthen the response of local communities to gender based violence and to ensure an effective prevention system is in place. Expected results: 1) Contextualized and tailored algorithm to adhere the needs and capacities of professionals of different sectors on local level developed; 2) Built capacities and improved knowledge of school communities (teachers, school administration and students); 3) Raised awareness of school and local communities and society in general. Activities: Mapping the needs and capacities of different professionals...

PARENT: Promotion, Awareness Raising and Engagement of men in Nurture Transformations

Duration of the project: 2019 February – 2021 February Aim of the project: Promotion of change in social attitudes and behavior regarding gender roles in caregiving Objectives of the project: 1. To promote gender-transformative and synchronized approaches by engaging men in co-responsible parenting and caregiving and promoting the equal share of unpaid care work in 4 European countries (Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Austria). 2. Contribute to the prevention of domestic and intra-family gender based violence. The main activities: 1. To design a guide for health sector workers to help engage with men...
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