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GRASSROOTS. Gender-based violence prevention programme

Project period: April 2024 - March 2027
Project goal: Strengthen the capacity of small and regional NGOs to prevent gender-based violence. Support NGOs operating in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in areas such as violence prevention, survivors protection and multi-agency cooperation.


Programme GRASSROOTS aims to reduce gender-based violence in our society by mobilising and empowering a wide range of non-governmental organisations to work on this issue. The programme will strengthen the overall capacity of organisations and encourage them to work together to find solutions. Organisations will participate in a mentoring programme and will be eligible for funding for advocacy projects. The GRASSROOTS programme is implemented in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The programme GRASSROOTS is developed and implemented by the Open Lithuania Foundation, the Center of Equality Advancement, the Marta Centre in Latvia and the Women’s Support and Information Centre in Estonia. The programme is funded by the European Commission’s DAPHNE programme. Between 2024 and 2027, €2.9 million will be allocated.


One in three women worldwide has experienced or will experience partner violence, according to the World Health Organisation. In Lithuania, of all reported cases of domestic violence, 90% of perpetrators were men and 80% of victims were women. This shows that domestic violence is gender-based violence. Violence against women is still a serious problem throughout the European Union, and especially in Lithuania. There is still no systematic approach to the manifestations of gender-based violence and its prevention in Lithuania. The so-called Istanbul Convention proposes such a systematic approach to gender-based violence.

One of the important links in the fight against gender-based violence is civil society. Non-governmental organisations play an important role here. Not only do they work directly with women and men who have experienced violence and provide support, but they can also make an important contribution to prevention by mainstreaming gender in their work with their target groups.


All open calls for NGOs to participate in the programme and programme documents will be published in this section. We invite you to follow the information.


Firstly, the organisations will participate in a mentoring programme that will focus on both general capacity building and gender-based violence.  

Secondly, participating organisations will be able to apply for and receive funding to implement their projects. There are two ways in which organisations will be able to receive funding: a) by participating in the mentoring programme and submitting an application after the mentoring programme has ended. b) by submitting an application under the open calls for advocacy activities.

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The project is co-funded by the European Union's Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme 2023.
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