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About gender – publicly

This is a project of interdisciplinary seminars on gender issues in politics and culture. It was held in 2003-2004 .

Aim of the project – the development of sexuality and gender representation in nowadays culture and practices analysing texts and the current social and political events. Seminars promoted a dialogue between the academic , critical , and artistic discourses. In the cultural and artistic events the most pressing social and political issues like social inequality , globalization, the gap between the West, sexual emancipation , violence , marginalization and citizenship were discussed. The project was focused on the critical interpretive skills , political and social problems associated with ensuring equal opportunities , formulation of perceptions and decision strategies.

The first event of the project ” Gender and cinema : images, angles , the audience” took place in 2003 , December, Vilnius. It consisted the theoretical seminars, film screenings in „Skalvija” movie theater and a contest of short videos. Workshop on Gender and cinema begins with the cycle of events , combining academic, social , political and artistic debates.

The second workshop on Gender and pop culture took place on 4-5 November,2004  in Vilnius . The workshop was accompanied by a review of the video films competition review. It was a students program of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Textile Department, which was called ” Trans – parade : gender (changing) fashion” , the cultural thematic articles were published in the press cycle .

The third seminar on „Gender and / as politics ” was focused on the political and cultural representation, also body policy (human rights situation in sexual / feminist perspective, trafficking in women , prostitution , „indecency ” regulation and censorship ) issues , problems of economic relations between gender and poverty  were discussed.

The partners are:

Equal Opportunities Ombudsman Office ;
Academy of Fine Arts ;
Skalvija Film Center ;
Goethe Institute in Vilnius.
Project Sponsor: Open Society Institute ( New York ) .

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