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Gender montage: Paradigms in Post-Soviet Space

CEA has participated in the second stage of the program to create the second collection of documentaries. In May, the Center called for public competition for the best script, received six applications and selected the best project. The Center then organized several meetings with the selected film group, discussed and improved concept and script of the film and organized training for the group. In September, the script writer Zita Cepaite and film manager Teresa Zibuoliene participated in filmmakers’ workshop in Crimea (Ukraine)

The seminar „Gender and Popular Culture” (November 4-5) was the second part of the project series (Re)Marking Gender. This international interdisciplinary seminar aimed to analyze the representation(s) of gender in popular culture: advertising, television, religious tradition, everyday speech and world of technologies. The speakers of the seminar were gender and culture scholars from Lithuania and other countries.

Video film program.
The screening of video films submitted for the competition „Gender and Popular Culture” took place at Cinema center „Skalvija”. Films of eight authors-winners (out of 16 proposed) were presented and awarded.
Fashion show.
The fashion show „Trans-parade: Fashion of Changing Gender” was performed by the Department of Textile of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts took place in Gallery „Akademija”. It represented the costume collection and conceptual performance on the subject of trans-gender.

The project included four thematic articles translated or specifically written and published in the local cultural press:
1. Septynios meno dienos (art weekly), Lucy Tatman, „Innocence Demanded: Globalization and the Production and Consumption of (Female) Virginity”, Oct. 8, 2004
2. Literatūra ir menas (culture weekly), Anette Kuhn, „Womens’ genres: melodrama, soap opera and theory”, Nov. 5, 2004.
3. Kultūros barai (culture monthly), Anette Dina Sorensen, „Pornography and Gender in Mass Culture”, Nr.10, 2004.
4. Septynios meno dienos (art weekly), Laima Kreivytė, „S/he: Queer Images in Popular Space”, Nov. 12, 2004.

The article by Monika Krikštopaitytė „Advertising – the oasis of male ego” was specifically ordered for this project and published on Nov. 2, 2004 on the web portal to provoke interactive web discussion. Around 600 comments were received till Nov. 8, 2004.

Monitoring mass media.
Mass media showed a great interest to the project. Below are the main programs and publications about it:
6/11/04 – Lithuanian National Radio, First program, Program „Mes – moterys” (We –women) participated by M.Jankauskaitė;
12/11/04 – D.Tumpytė. „Gendre and Popular Culture: facts and probabilities”, Septynios meno dienos (arts weekly);
17/11/04 – Lithuanian National Radio, program „Klasika”. Participants: L.Kreivytė – About Queer Images in Popular Space;
17/11/04 – Lithuanian National Radio, First program. Program „Talks with Vanda Juknaite”. Participants: A.Žukauskaitė and M.Jankauskaitė.
19/11/04 – Lithuanian National Radio, program „Klasika”; „Preliudia” – participants: A.Žukauskaitė, A.Tereškinas, M.Jankauskaitė;
22/11/04 – Lithuanian National Radio, program „Klasika”. Program by V.Jauniškis „Pakelėje”. Participants D.Navikaitė, M.Jankauskaitė;
27/11/04 – Baltijos TV program „Šeštadienio rytas” (Saturday morning). Participants: A.Žukauskaitė, K.Klimka, M.Jankauskaitė;
May, 2005 – D.Navikaite. Seminar „Gender and Popular Culture”, Kultūros barai (culture monthly).

Project supporters:
Open Society Institute (New York);
United Nations Development Program;
Ministry of Culture of Lithuania;
Royal Danish Embassy;
National University of Australia;
Printing house „Petro ofsetas”;
Project partners:
Gallery „Akademija”;
Cinema Center „Skalvija;
Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts

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