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Global rights, local actions: women voice for progress

In 2013 the project „Global rights, local actions: women voice for progress” was initiated in order to strengthen the gender-based discourse and advocacy competencies of women’s human rights issues.

Through the project the NGOs knowledge about non-discrimination, human rights, including the various aspects of interactions of identity, the capacity of NGOs practical advocacy of women’s rights and issues is deepened. In addition, measures for  women empowerment and respect for diversity based on public discourse formation were adopted , strengthening the civil society influence in the legislative policy initiatives and the development of bilateral partnership .

In order to implement the objectives, the following activities were set :

  • Focus groups of NGOs, who work in women and other human rights areas was formed. The main goal is to hear the voices of regional NGOs in the clarifying the problems faced by women and support the alternative report CEDAW by their experiences.
  • Preparation of alternative CEDAW report and presentation to the Committee in Geneva. During the drafting of the report the other aspects of identity were taken into account ( like age , sexual orientation , health , ethnicity , etc.) .
  • According to the CEDAW Committee’s findings new advocacy tools were presented to the regional women’s NGOs. The Committee’s recommendations were translated into Lithuanian, and adapted for advocacy purposes, approaching the municipal elections. In order to strengthen the power of this tool, the CEDAW Committee’s insights were supplemented by the EU’s gender equality index.
  • Awareness-raising campaign, which aims to draw attention to women’s rights and discrimination were organised. Arranging them, the idea that women are not a homogeneous group but differ by additional aspects of identity like sexual orientation , immigrant or ethnic minority experience , age, family status , and ect. deepens social exclusion was raised. In order to achieve the greater visibility of the situation in different regions , it was collaborated with regional media .
  • Round table discussions and events based on advocacy activities were organised in different regions. During the events the CEDAW Committee’s recommendations to Lithuania and gender equality index data was widely used.
  • In order to develop the bilateral partnership NGO Forum was organised, which aims to make vocational contacts  and exchange experiences , through discussion about challenges of gender equality policy implementation, opportunities and barriers of  interactive approach integration in work related to gender equality, also discussing about advocacy policies, strategies and tools , getting  acquainted with good practices .

Project partner: KUN Center for Gender Equality .

The project is financed by: the EEA Grants, NGO program in Lithuania .

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