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Modern Men in Enlarged Europe II: Family Friendly Policie

Project aims – to encourage men to share family duties,
– to promote institutional and political changes in order to develop grounds for reconciliation of family and work
– to develop modern family model that shows the balance between professional and private life
– to change stereotypes on women and men’s roles in society

CEA activities in this project;
§ Content update of the web page
§ Preparation of the concept for the social advertisement on TV on changing gender roles stereotypes
§ The staff of CEA conducted seminars for employers, politicians and trade-unions on reconciliation of family and professional life
§ Publication of the project research „Between paid and unpaid work: Family friendly policies and gender equality in Europe” in English and Lithuanian
§ Publication of the good practice guide „Guidelines of good practice in reconciling family and work for workers, employers and policy makers” in English and Lithuania.
§ Translation of academic study „working parents and the welfare state: Family change and policy reform in Scandinavia by Norvegian social researcher Leira Arnloug from English to Lithuanian
§ Drafting the concept and content of the CD „Modern men in focus: work-life balance” which contains the products of the 30 months project Modern Men in Enlarged Europe in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.
§ CEA prepared the project Innovative Gender Equality Strategies: Reconciliation of Family and Work and received financial support from the Open Society Institute East-East Program for 26 participants from Central and East Europe, Caucasus and
Central Asia.

The project covered three main activities on 14-17 Noveember, 2006:
1) the study visit in Siauliai that aimed to provide practical examples of implementation of gender equality in Siauliai municipality,
2) workshop on „Changing norms of masculinity and gender equality” that introduced Norwegian experiences on changing deeply rooted gender roles stereotypes
3) and final conference „Paid and unpaid work: family friendly working environment and gender equality that presented the findings of research in Denmark, Iceland, Italy and Lithuania.
§ The overall objective of the project Innovative Gender Equality Strategies:
Reconciliation of Family and Work was to strengthen cooperation among various countries and regions and obtain knowledge on experiences on various countries in their work on implementing gender equality.
§ The workshop on Changing Norms of Masculinity and Gender Equality was partially supported by the Nordic council of ministers to invite the lecturer from Men’s Crises Center in Oslo, Norway.
Project coordinator – Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsman;

Project partners
Center for Equality Advancement
Vytautas Magnus University, Department of Sociology
Danish Research Centre on Gender Equality
Center for Gender Equality in Island
IRES, Italy
Open Society Institute, East-East Program
Nordic Council of Ministers

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