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Opinion survey in Lithuania: politics and women

In 2013, Centre of Equality Advancement initiated study of the factors affecting women’s participation in politics and leading positions in public life.

Public opinion on attitudes to gender in Lithuania divided in two ways. 45 % of Lithuanian population in years of 15-74 believes that approach to men is better in Lithuania. On the other hand, 40 % of respondents believe that there is the same attitude towards women and towards men. The first opinion is more often supported by women ( especially older , more educated ) , and the inhabitants of the cities(especially in smaller towns ) . The second opinion is often supported by men,  mostly residents of rural areas , and also respondents with the highest monthly family income. More than one in ten (13% ) of the respondents had no opinion on the matter .

The greater part of the Lithuanian population (52 %) says that men have better career opportunities comparing with women. Fewer than one in three (30 % ) of participants believe that both sexes have equal professional opportunities . The first opinion is often supported by women ( with higher monthly family income , higher education ) , and residents (mostly of the age of 30-49) of urban areas. The second opinion is often supported by men,  rural residents , women claiming to left-wing views. And only a small part ( 2%) of respondents believe that women have better career opportunities compared to men. Approximately one in five (16 %) had no opinion on the matter.

The study was funded by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, carrying out the National Equal Opportunities program in 2003 and 2004 .

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