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Practical Mechanisms for Implementing Gender Legislation in Ukraine: Experience of Lithuania

Project goal: The project aims to ensure practical implementation of gender legislation in two regions of Ukraine through establishing cross-sectoral partnerships and integrating gender sensitive practices into the work of local authorities

Project duration: January-May, 2008

Project activities:
– CEA selected 5 Lithuanian representatives (2 trainers (one of them CEA staff member), 2 state officials, project coordinator (CEA staff member)) and under the invitation of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund traveled to Ukraine and provided trainings for officials and NGO activists inKiev and to conduct final conference of the project in Ivano-Frankivsk.
– CEA organized the study-visit for the Ukrainian officials and NGO activists in Lithuania. The aims of the study visit was to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on gender equality policies in Lithuania by addressing issues of combating gender based discrimination, challenges of work in multicultural environment, good practices of reconciliation of family and work, reduction of gender-based violence and changing gender role stereotypes in society.
– During the study visit the participants from Ukraine had the chance to visit Siauliai city and learn the practical results of gender mainstreaming policies in everyday municipal work. Since 2005 Siauliai municipality has practically applied 3R method to implement gender mainstreaming in its everyday work and accumulated valuable experience in doing small scale research, analyzing research findings and making action plans.
– The networking between Ukrainian and Lithuanian municipal officials and gender equality experts has been enhanced.

Project partner: Ukrainian Women’s Fund

Project funding:
East-East Partnership Beyond Borders Program

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